All I Need (Single)

by Mesa Jane

Track listing: All I Need

Mesa Jane / Bear
Mesa Jane / Bear

On October 7, 2023 Philadelphia-based artist Mesa Jane dropped a delightfully haunting cover of Radiohead's "All I Need." Similar to the original in its overall vibe, Jane takes a more electronica approach to Radiohead's acoustically-born production. Softer, culminating with less aggression, yet capturing its complete passionate essence.

What Rolling Stone referred to as one of "the most intense love songs [Thom Yorke] has ever sung," Mesa Jane puts the message through a droning 90s era filter--think Portishead, Garbage. Throughout, a punchy drum loop underlies layers of reverb-laden keys, vocal, and assorted percussive sounds. Listen closely in the chorus to what Jane refers to as her "mouth maracas."

I'm the next act
Waiting in the wings
I'm an animal
Trapped in your hot car
I am all the days
That you choose to ignore

Make no mistake about the release date, either. Mesa Jane chose Yorke's birthday to unleash "All I Need." It's a tribute of sorts yet seemingly also a statement of Jane's that she has the confidence to cover even those most sonically revered acts of our generation.

The release of "All I Need" somewhat bookends a big 2023 for Mesa Jane. On January 12 of this year she saw one of the tracks from her 2014 album Level included on Hulu's series "How I Caught My Killer." Between that sync drop and a lure of this Radiohead classic, Mesa Jane is poised to take another step on her musical path.

To date, her Spotify streams number around 200,000 and her YouTube Channel has garnered tens of thousands of views. Give her a follow on those platforms as well as @mesajanemusic on Instagram to keep up with her upcoming releases.

Posted on 10/14/23