All My Friends Are Rockstars (Single)

by J.T. Hiskey

Track listing: All My Friends Are Rockstars

J.T. Hiskey stays busy. Recently opening shows for Riff Raff and Snoop Dogg are just a couple of highlights from 2023 alone! Back in 2018 Jimmy Fallon plugged his song "I Love You" on The Tonight Show and he's collab'd with Afroman, among others. But in April of 2023 Hiskey dropped his latest single "All My Friends Are Rockstars," produced by Gregory Goose.

Later on I kept going to LA, this is all I wanted to do there's nothing you can tell mey.

The video for "All My Friends Are Rockstars" is actually pretty endearing--just J.T. and a mic in his crib, delivering the goods directly at the camera. The autobiographical tune starts with his immersion in music at age 12 and moves on from there. A simple, poignant backing track puts Hiskey's lyrics at the forefront. It's fun, it's adorable, it's relatable, with the innocence of a young Bieber dropping sweet little ditties back in the day.

Hiskey's career is plugging right along. A couple tracks on his Spotify profile are up to 20-30K streams. His collab with Afroman on YouTube has nearly 4,000 views. But what's apparent across his social platforms is an intense dedication to his music. He's not fake--what you see is exactly what you get. This unapologetic approach is his greatest quality, along with the down-to-earth subject matter he writes about. 

You can keep up with all things T.J. Hiskey on any (or all) of his socials. We've assembled them on his artist page. He's basically everywhere

Posted on 1/2/24