Angel Boy (Single)

by Queen Lady Elvira

Track listing: Angel Boy

Hypnotic. Ethereal. Queen Lady Elvira's "Angel Boy" is an exercise in longing and loss, missing the angel boy from the deepest depths of the heart. Released on March 24, 2020, the video has attracted more than 11,000 views to date with a bit of a recent rebirth. 

An atmospheric keyboard, soft droning backbeat, the song let's Queen Lady Elvira's voice take center stage. Even lyrically, "Angel Boy" remains sparse with brief versus leading into the chorus' refrain.

Born in the Caribbean but raised in the Netherlands and now living in Belgium, Queen Lady Elvira's musical influences range from soul to blues to jazz, and have evidently crossed over into an electro/RnB hybrid that we hear here.

The album containing "Angel Boy" was originally released in 2016, containing 16 songs more closely aligned with Caribbean love songs. "Angel Boy" exists as the first single from that record, featuring Queen Lady Elvira's voice and launching her solo career as a singer.

Hear more Queen Lady Elvira on Spotify, including her single "Stone of the Heart."

Posted on 8/2/23