Anna's Song (The Musical)

by Lemonhead

Track listing: Intro, More, Say Yes, Gone, Out There, Standing on the Edge, Who I Really Am, Enough, Strong Heart

This is something new to Coyote Music: an entire musical theater soundtrack for a production that doesn't yet exist. But the soundtrack is written, recorded, and published for all to hear. Introducing Lemonhead, a musician/vocalist/vocal instructor/composer/producer who has manifested what is essentially a sequel to Frozen II--and it's really good!

I thought of a song for Anna after 'Frozen II' speaking to her experience of being put in charge of a kingdom (maybe without her consent)...the story emerged from that.

From a music review standpoint, there are no notes for Lemonhead. This collection of 9 songs is sung gorgeously. Instrumentally, it seems to be completely electronic though there are plenty of tastefully written percussion and string parts. I'm guessing Lemonhead is with me in wanting to hear at some point this entire work performed by a complete complement of live musicians. Hell, I've got my ticket money ready and waiting! 

Lemonhead has a YouTube playlist including every track, complete with a brief plot summary and full lyrics. Check it out. Share with your friends and your friends' children. Though just released on Spotify days ago (January 31, 2024) I'm already wondering why there aren't more listens. I'd wager that thousands of children around the world would be interested in this tangential branch stemming from the Frozen tree.

Lemonhead summarized the plot of Anna's Song as "Anna waking up in her castle and admitting to herself that she doesn't want to be queen. She shows the audience her world of people pleasing and how it is making her lose herself. She then has a big of a personal growth journey by taking some time alone and discovering that even with space from the people who are driving her crazy, she is the one who is causing herself the most damage. Through this discovery, she's able to go into her life with a lighter step because she knows she can change it and show up differently."

For the moment there are no plans to put together a live musical. Can you imagine the legal work to be done? So for now Anna's Song will be a studio recording available for purchase or streaming (as well as the aforementioned videos). More than staging a live production, the genesis was fueled by a personal heartfelt desire to provide insight to Anna's perspective of the story since Elsa got the bulk of the attention in the Disney films. But rather than just jot down a plotline, Lemonhead has set it to music, conveying the plot through meaningful lyrics and professional composed and arranged songs.

You can (and should) learn more about Lemonhead (aka Kimberly Collins) through the links on Lemonhead's website:

Posted on 2/6/24