by Absoloot

Track listing: Futuristic, Greed, Watch Your Words, Patience, I Try, One Day, Banksters, They Don't Hear Me, Watch Them Fall, Rap Genius, Life of a Poet, Keep Dreaming

Absoloot is smart. His Banksters album is a Hip-hop analysis of politics, crooked big-bank business practices, and an attack on the Countrywide mortgage scandals. While much of the mainstream rap game revels in sex, drugs, and spending ridiculous amounts of money, Absoloot is paying attention to the big picture. His rhymes offer advice and a warning to us regarding what happens around the U.S. that many of us miss while singing along with mindless Top 40 songs.

Writing conscious lyrics is not new to Absoloot, nor is his concern for the welfare of his community, and country at-large. "Keep Dreaming" has been chosen as the theme song for the Men2Boys mentoring program, based near his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. And beyond just contributing a well-meaning song, Absoloot also received the Volunteer of the Quarter Award from the organization in March 2013 for his work and dedication.

But the music industry doesn't revolve around nice people doing good deeds. It all comes back to the music. And even the most well-intended socially conscious rapper isn't going very far if their rhymes are weak. The strength of Banksters comes from Absoloot's crisp, witty delivery laid over brilliant, fresh tracks. For the music, Absoloot enlisted JeeJuh Productions, whose tracks now back thousands of artists whose sounds range from soul and R&B to rap.

Banksters is a responsible album, without preaching. Informative, without going infomercial. Absoloot brings back the essence of Hip-hop, creatively crafting language around beats. He doesn't get lost in trying to create a front—Absoloot raps his life, which he lives as an alert, astute citizen, not easily taken by white collar crime and financial swindling. Look for Banksters' release—it's coming soon!

Posted on 5/9/13