Blowin' Dust (Single)

by Randy Ross

Track listing: Blowin' Dust

What's more country than blowin' dust? The grit is undeniable and you can almost feel the hot wind carrying it through the air from the comfort of wherever you're reading this. But now "Blowin' Dust" is also the latest single from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Randy Ross.

The song's a straight-forward good ol' mid-tempo Country/Western ditty. And Ross' voice brings to mind another Randy (Travis) with its distinctive baritone bellow. The Paris Review once described Travis' voice as a "deep nasal whine, a mix of range and grog and woebegone." While I'll stop shy of directly comparing Travis to Ross, there's an undeniable similarity between the timbre and tone of their singing styles

Blowin' Dust Musical Credits
Blowin' Dust Musical Credits

"Blowin' Dust" was just released a few days ago, June 5, 2023 and already has a few thousands streams on Spotify. But Ross isn't one to take the credit, himself. He gives a nod to the band who put it all together. From a June 10 post on Randy's Facebook Profile he sings their praises, "I’ve been in this town for quite awhile and for my money the folks in this group are among the best and most creative musicians I’ve ever heard."

Derek Toa - Lead Guitar
Fiddle - Kelly Hagan
Drums - Dominic Rivelli
Dobro - Linsey Isaacson
Backing Vocals - Eric Lambert & Ray Duncan
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass - Randy Ross
Mixed & Engineered by Eric Lambert & Randy Ross

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Posted on 6/14/23