Blue Goo (Single feat. Ty Prophecy, Dalè, and Jellybean Johnson)

by Regal The Rare

Track listing: Blue Goo

First, loving what certainly sounds like a reworked sample of Vanessa Carlton's "Thousand Miles." Maybe it's not, but the feeling is there: bright, happy, refreshing. Then the dance vibe of Regal The Rare's "Blue Goo" kicks in. Danceable backbeat, reverb for days, and such a curious subject matter. What the hell even is this blue goo?

Who cares? Just enjoy the track!

A group effort--performed by Dale, Jellybean Johnson, Regal The Rare, and Ty Prophecy and written by this group + Brooke R. Calder--"Blue Goo" is a dance club anthem. Johnson, drummer for The Time and producer of hits including Janet Jackson's #1 charting "Black Cat," has his fingerprint on this song. You can feel the Minneapolis energy flowing in the veins of this one: blistering Prince-like guitar solo, mysterious lyrics, and a singer with a smile that goes on for days.

We've got a pop hit here. You find yourself singing along despite not having any idea what you're singing about. But it feels good and it's got your body rockin' even on the sad morning commute to work. Just released on August 8th, "Blue Goo" already has a couple thousand streams on Spotify, and it's poised for a parabolic rise. Listen, share, add to your favorite dance playlist. Regal The Rare is going to get his blue good all over the place, and you can say you were there when it first dropped.

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Posted on 8/15/23