Bodhicitta (EP)

by Touch The Buffalo

Track listing: The City's Burning, In Six Heads About It, The Carpenter and the Nurse, Hope's Song

Touch the Buffalo has a new album dropping on March 1, 2024 entitled Bodhicitta. The 4-song EP is a melange of Indie/Grunge sounds rolled up into a solid 17-minute exhibition of the group's vibe, covering their delicate indie side and rising up to some beefy, punchy peaks.

Opening with "The City's Burning," we get an energized Indie-Pop sound injected with some gorgeous guitar and vocal distortion. The featured single "In Six Heads About It" brings a passionately intense headbanger of a chorus building out of the sparse ukulele/vocal verses. The back-and-forth undulation of energy creating quite a wonderfully powerful and emotional rollercoaster. Check out the video for "In Six Heads About It" when you have a chance!

"The Carpenter and the Nurse" and "Hope's Song" complete the EP, putting on full display the group's musicality and attention to detail within the songs' arrangement. Their use of dynamics is pleasing to the ear and makes me want to take in a live show to see how they pull it off in person (I love live shows with ultra-high highs and soul-pleasing lows).

Touch the Buffalo has done an impressive job of establishing themselves around the DC scene. They've earned a spot in 8 sizable festivals since their formation in 2017. And nationally, they've garnered airplay on upwards of 80 radio stations around the country. 

If you're at all into an Indie sound, check out Bodhicitta as well as the band's back catalog. There are some gems spread throughout their Spotify profile in the form of a full-length album, singles, and the soon-to-arrive EP. 

Posted on 2/5/24