Breaking Hearts (Single)

by Chaos0911

Track listing: Breaking Hearts

"Breaking Hearts" is the first single from This. Is. Life, Beat Tape Vol. 1, the debut tape from Covington, Louisiana beatmaker Chaos0911 slated for release in February. You can also check out the follow-up single "Slide" on Chaos0911's Spotify along with a third single "Wicked" set to drop any day...

Chaos0911 thrives off the challenges he's faced, creating his professional moniker from a combination of a chaotic period in his life and his date of birth: September 11th. But his music doesn't reflect difficulty and turmoil. Quite the opposite, in fact. His beats combine his lifelong love of Hip-Hop with an affinity for melodic Pop. Pleasing, chill loops and soothing beats that lay back, inviting lyricists to do their thing over the vibe Chaos0911 creates.

Chaos0911's beats aren't merely drum loops. Taking inspiration from pop artists like Nic D and Connor Price, Chaos0911 weaves a web of keys and various melodic elements over his percussive foundations, all done in his home studio. A deeper genesis for his sound, though, comes from the love of his young daughter. You can feel the personal energy throughout This. Is. Life, Beat Tape Vol. 1. This isn't simply a collection of beats--its more of a birth of a period in time where illumination eventually presented itself from a series of hard-learned life lessons. Somehow this all comes through in the tracks.

What you need to do now is get ready for the full-length tape's drop. Visit and sign up on Chaos0911's mailing list. Follow Chaos0911 on Spotify or your favorite streaming service. 

Posted on 1/10/24