California Girl (Single)

by Jason Callear

Track listing: California Girl

A bold, wistful country-twinged power ballad. That's the sound UK-based singer/songwriter Jason Callear has woven into his new single "California Girl." On the heels of his #1 iTunes single "Fortunate Sons," followed by strong-charting singles "Letter" and "Brother," Callear belts out this one with the benefit of experience fueling his passion for creative writing.

Clocking in at nearly six minutes, the track doesn't cater to shorter mainstream formats. Instead, Callear ebbs and flows according to his own musical schedule. The song doesn't kick-in until over a minute in and then close the five-minute mark there's a B3-infused, Procol Harum-like breakdown before the final push to the finale. 

As is frequently the case with his writing process, as Callear shared in his September 4th interview with Coyote Music, his chorus for "California Girl" combines elements of reality with fiction. His inspiration may be taken from an incident in his life but for the benefit of the story the song is telling, he tends to lean on his love for creative writing in order to create a more compelling lyric. Has he actually been to California? Yes. Was there a particular girl there? Maybe. Is this track solely focused on the building and subsequent crumbling of a single relationship, and nothing else? Eh, that's left up to the listener's imagination.

But what we are certain about is that we have another Jason Callear track that's primed for reaching the hearts and minds of music lovers around the world. Who doesn't love a strong ballad, right?

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Posted on 9/9/23