Candle In The Dark (Single)

by Them Dirty Roses

Track listing: Candle In The Dark

Them Dirty Roses burned a trail from Gadsden, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee to make their music dreams come to life. Their latest single "Candle In The Dark" is cold hard proof that the quartet is living their dream.

The band wreaks of backcountry roots 'n' Southern Rock but their sound assaults listeners with the intensity of an all-out metal show. It's a dirty roux chock full of bits and pieces of White Stripes, Black Crowes and a heavy handed dose of Skynyrd. There's a helluva Them Dirty Roses live show on YouTube where, when "Candle In The Dark" takes off, it wouldn't be at all out of place for the band to break into something like Sabbath's "War Pigs."

You're like a lonesome whistle blowing
Through this hole inside my heart
For every day we had together
I light a candle in the dark

"Candle In The Dark" is one of those songs that gets a crowd going in a club or blaring from the speakers at a house party. There's an energy, an aggression, that builds from start and doesn't peak until song's end.

It kicks in with a bitchin' backbeat over which searing pick slides dive into an absolutely nasty-ass riff and bassline. Guitarists James Ford and Andrew Davis and bassist Ben Crain drop out in the first verse, leaving Ford's vocal to dance alone over drummer Frank Ford's groove. Verses grow in complexity throughout the track and overall the vibe gets harder and heavier the more you listen.

Them Dirty Roses are on tour now, from the Midwest to Texas and through the south back home to Tennessee. Catch their shows, music, and follow them on socials at

Posted on 3/11/24