'Come To Me' by California™ - feat. Les Fradkin

by Les Fradkin

Track listing: Come To Me

Before diving into "Come To Me" there should be some sort of setup regarding what you're about to hear. So here's a little backstory...

The group California™ was founded in the 1970s and signed to Laurie Records throughout the 70s and into the 80s. Its original lineup featured Les Fradkin on vocals, bass, piano, mellotron, guitars, who also wrote and produced California's™ music. And now, as of 2022, Les and Loretta Fradkin have revived the long-silent band and its music.

This revival begins with the (re)release of "Come To Me," a song written by Les featuring an eye-popping list of contributing musicians who participated in he original recording sessions taking place in New York City in 1980-81. Les handles lead and contributes background vocals, bass, and drum programming. Loretta brings her voice to the backing vocals, as well, along with Jerri Boccino. On the Wurlitzer is renowned pianist/keyboardist John Hawken.

But who is that on acoustic guitar, you may ask? None other than David Bowie's Spiders from Mars guitarist, Mick Ronson. And contributing to the Wurlitzer Electric Piano sounds with Hawken? The one and only Phil Spector. Simply amazing.

Musically, the first three chords on the keyboard embody some similarity to the opening chords of the 1975 Four Seasons' hit "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)," but taking its own turn and developing into itself from there. The groove is quintessential late-70s / early-80s--aspects of Pop and Disco interplaying with one another. It's a delightfully positive feel-good track pulling at the heartstrings of human attraction. It's such a universal electricity, that yearning for that special someone, a sentiment that powers much of the history of pop music.

With "Come To Me" the Fradkins are bringing back in 2024 a sound and emotional energy that hasn't been seen in the music business in quite some time. You can start your rediscovery of California™ and the Fradkins' music at lesfradkin.com.

Posted on 2/17/24