CSMB (Single)

by skholezy

Track listing: CSMB

"CSMB," an abbreviation for "Can't Stand Monday Blues," is the late single by Manchester, UK artist skholezy. "CSMB" takes you on an electronic trip steeped in melancholy and dissonance, intentionally bringing forth the restlessness and anxiety many feel when our alarm clocks chime at the beginning of the work week.

Beeps and blips conjure the horrible jolt felt when it's that time to put on our collective workforce faces and become a member working class again after a delightful weekend. Synths both pierce and soothe. A headache. A calming shower. Hot coffee. Will we be met with bright sunshine or pouring rain?

skholezy sits comfortably among artists on Spotify, many of their tracks garnering 15,000-30,000 streams. "CSMB" is currently nearing 35,000, alone.

You can clearly hear the influence of Portishead but also a little edge of Daft Punk blending with the chill vibe of Erykah Badu. In skholezy's own bio they describe the sound as "multi-sensory" and, being a cat lover, "complimented by plenty of feline imagery...capable of transporting you to horizons unexplored."

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Posted on 6/23/23