Daystar Nocturnal

by Gianfranco Pescetti

Track listing: Clownspunk, Macchia, I'll See You..., Obsidian, Sundog, Nostalgia Aime Le Rouge, Be My Ghost, Capraia, The Wake, Fogbound, Stopless

Electronic recording artist Gianfranco Pescetti was raised on a Tuscan island and now resides on the Hawaiian island of Maui. In his music you can hear the influences of the sea spray, sand, and soothing sound of waves gently crashing around the clock. Pescetti's latest album Daystar Nocturnal (released January 25, 2024) embodies the influence of both the Chillwave artists he's followed, as well as the New Wave stylings of mainstream artists like The Cure and Depeche Mode. 

Daystar Nocturnal's singles "The Wake," "Stopless" and "Be My Ghost" embody much of the album's chill/trance style. "The Wake" takes on a more somber, reflective tone bringing about moments of pause and reflection. In contrast, the latter two incorporate drum loops with backbeats that raise the pulse a bit and tap more into the excitement found within our personal energies.

Having practiced ballet at a younger age and then later filling bass guitar duties for several bands in the 90's music scene across California's Bay Area, Pescetti weaves his myriad of talents into his songs. There is a delicate nature to the album--a certain grace and precision--that comes with spending time in the world of ballet. But at the same time you feel an urban pulse--the mystery and intrigue of nightlife in the city--underlying layers of reverb-rich synthesizers.

Links to all of Pescetti's social channels, streaming services and more can be found at Take a look and listen, and throw on Daystar Nocturnal the next time you wish to take a mind-releasing drive through the city at night, host a party, or simply reflect and relax alone with your thoughts.

Posted on 3/21/24