Deadly Love

by Mik Dagger

Track listing: Fatal Flaws, Deadly Love, Babygirl.m4a, Like On TV, Brand New Cherry Flavor, Post Script

Durham-based Pop artist Mik Dagger just dropped her debut release: a 6-song EP entitled Deadly Love. It's a sassy collection of groove-heavy pop songs that fit seamlessly among blockbuster artists on your next party playlist.

′Cause I opened my eyes a little wider / And I infect like I could be a spider / Lose your grip or you can hang on tighter / It would be so nice if we were higher / But we aren't so I just take my time writing a song about how I wish you were mine

The album's got a potent dose of swagger à la Lorde and Eilish, though Dagger keeps her sound more upbeat than Billie's usual fare. Kicking off with "Fatal Flaws" and "Deadly Love," there's a bit of a theme brewing. But by the time you get to "BabyGirl.m4a" we find ourselves amidst a delightfully danceable record.

Mik dove into her music more than ten years ago with a similar approach as many pop stars of our era: kick it lo-fi from the comfort of your bedroom, then see what happens. For Mik Dagger, what has happened is no big deal--nope, just signing a deal with Chicago's Stereo Era Records, becoming the label's youngest female artist. Not too shabby, right?

Dagger's got a smooth efficient vocal delivery. "Like On TV" hits lyrically like a post-No Doubt Gwen Stefani, demonstrating a confident independence and absolute authority behind the mic. Producer Matt Byron worked with Mik for just over a year getting all the songs just right. And to seal the deal, Deadly Love was mastered by Space Magnetic Studio in Brussels. 

Mik Dagger's got something to hang her proverbial hat on with Deadly Love. It's an EP of quick-hitting tracks destined to impress--the kind of songs that pop up in the party's queue making someone ask, "Who's this?" Well now you know, it's Mik Dagger. Stream and buy Deadly Love on all major online outlets and streaming services.

Posted on 3/25/24