Drama (Single)

by Danjul

Track listing: Drama

Approaching a half million streams on Spotify, L.A.-based artist Danjul has struck gold with "Drama." Released in 2021 on Bentley Records, "Drama" has slowly gathered momentum and is now rolling full steam.

You tell me you love me
But I no longer think so
You play my emotions
Why do that, why do that?

The track is classic dance, oozing wee-hours of the early morning dance club vibe. But where this song needs to be placed is backing a Lipsync For Your Life on RuPaul's Drag Race. It's got the energy, the emotional challenge, and panache that makes those moments so powerful . . . and dramatic

Hailing from Inglewood and raised in Covina, Danjul effervesces Southern California--bringing together pop music drenched in rich backing tracks, influenced by his love for classical music and theatrical & film scoring. You can envision his dance background in "Drama"'s backbeat and syncopation. It's all come together for Danjul: a track that captures the greatest version of himself, bringing together a love of music, dance, emotion into a single composition.

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Posted on 8/2/23