Emotions (Single)

by Odibi

Track listing: Emotions

Sparse, concise, succinct. Odibi's latest single "Emotions" is all of the above, speaking both lyrically and musically. Minimal drums, a sprinkle of effects, and just enough synth/keyboard to provide a chord progression over which his vocal melody can play.

Originally from Lagos and now residing in Birmingham, England, Odibi brings an international sensibility to his music. Some of it is in his accent, to be sure, but there's also a worldliness in his composition that isn't limited to a "UK sound" or something coming out of the NYC club scene. 

Girl you know you make me sleepless / I be all in your business / Liking and following you all over twitter / Baby i wanna be your mr

Self-produced, self-recorded & written, "Emotions" makes its impact by the raw honesty in the lyrics. Trying to get a girl's attention, and failing. The pursuit of infatuation brings about internal anxieties, doubt, and can become an obsession if it all runs unchecked. But in "Emotions" we're not to that point yet. We're still at the butterflies-in-your-stomach phase. Its innocence is reflected in the music track--nothing about the song is overbearing. It's sweet, delightful, and from the heart. 

The vibe Odibi creates is special, as well. This song is super chill, laid back, and despite the anxiety sung lyrically, there's also a quiet, understated confidence in the song itself. I mean, how bold do you need to be to put these vulnerable feelings in print...and then record them and put them out across all the major streaming services?

Odibi's got a statement to make. Drake may have been in his feelings, but Odibi's more patiently just expressing his thoughts, sincerely. Keep up with what's new from Odibi at linktr.ee/odibi.

Posted on 1/19/24