Fine Without You (Single)

by Julian Guba

Track listing: Fine Without You

A broad and almost haunting synthesized orchestration sets the tone for Julian Guba's latest single "Fine Without You." Hints of Chilean pan flute accentuate the melody giving the song a spiritual vibration. And Guba's voice--delicate, sensitive, sweet--conveying the independence one must seek in the aftermath of the end of a relationship.

At over 10,000 Spotify streams, listeners are flocking to listen to this track...and listening to it again, again, and again.

Raised in Vienna, Austria, Julian began creating mashups at the tender age of 10. By 2019 he began to produce his own music, working on both original compositions and posting covers of famous songs. His tracks on Soundcloud have attracted tens of thousands of listeners. But it is his own music that fuels Julian now, written primarily in his bedroom, from where he posts on his online music channels.

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Posted on 4/12/23