For Better (Single)

by Sydney Hansen

Track listing: For Better

Optimism in Country Music isn't a quality the genre's known for. Wife-left-me, lyin', cheatin', drinkin', my truck broke down...the stereotypes abound, especially when the song's topic is heartbreak. And what positive comes from a broken heart?

He bruised me bad,
cut me deep
I fell too fast from
that lover's leap
Thought I might feel
like that forever
But he didn't break my
heart for good
He only broke my
heart for better

Enter Duluth-born but Nashville-living Sydney Hansen's latest single, "For Better." It's a twist on the old story, as she learns some valuable life lesson from her experience with a "slow dancing green-eyed devil" after he lets her down.

Later, because of that heartbreak, when she does finally meet her Prince Charming she's able to appreciate all the good he sincerely brings to their relationship.

And a lot of good is happening in Sydney's career right now, over all. Like many, she's had dreams of hitting it big. Having packed up her Minnesota life and relocated to Tennessee, she's been hard at work with producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) writing and recording a new album. Results of those sessions have been 2022's "Somebody's Nobody" and "For Better."

The new tracks are polished and professional. They sound 'big time.' Sydney Hansen is poised to take that first step onto a much larger stage. She's got the look, the youth, the songs and producer in-hand. Now it's time for her to take that optimism she's brought to her own personal brand of Country Music and put her name in the larger fonts on upcoming show line-ups. 

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Posted on 8/2/23