Forever Night

by ET Boys

Track listing: Sober, Nowhere, Poison Lipstick, Long Night, TIOD (Interlude), Something Love, Destiny Fruit, Anthem, TakeYourGun, wstd, Rain Or Sunshine (Bonus)

Forever Night is the brand new album from ET Boys, dropping on November 11, 2022. The self-proclaimed "Nu Pop Electronic Melodic Rap" duo comprised of Tacboy and Sharkeyes bring together the grittiness of their hometown Chicago with the after-hours club style of their current home, Miami.

Tacboy & Sharkeyes
Tacboy & Sharkeyes

"Sober" kicks off the album and immediately spits an in-your-face Machine Gun Kelly intensity, dressed with some softer Post Malone-esque touches. "Poison Lipstick" goes full-on retro Miami nightclub so hard, you can almost hear the lasers and taste the bottle service. Then they show a softer side with the ballad "Something Love," drenching much of the remainder of the album in thick synths. 

Forever Night vibes and grooves. ET Boys paint a vivid 11-song picture of a complete Saturday night in the city: from choosing your smoothest outfit and clubbing all night to driving through neon-lit skyscrapers at 4am on your way to the afterparty.

Tacboy's lyrics and voice weave some dramatic stories. "TIOD" talks about two girls in one day, "wstd" deals with excess, and much of the rest of the album dives into relationships: finding (and losing) love.

Sharkeyes builds the entire musical foundation from beats to synths, pulling in influences from across rock, pop, dance and electronica. At times his sound is 80s retro, but the next track will go full-on rave.

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Posted on 11/28/22