Track listing: Feel Alive, Famous, Sick of You, Plug 4 U (Interlude), 5ilence, Pretend

FOURPL4Y brings a little bit of everything to the party. They rock, they groove, it's heavy, it's smooth, tough, and sexy. Hailing from Atlanta, the group came together in 2014 and has been cranking out songs ever since. Their latest effort is a 6-song album entitled Fourgotten.

Fourgotten Back Cover
Fourgotten Back Cover

Fourgotten starts soft, with a mysterious tension-building intro to "Feel Alive." But by the time the chorus kicks in, if you're playing it as loud as it should be, you can easily find yourself in a full-on headbang.

"Famous (featuring Nessly)" brings a confidence, an arrogance of sorts, just the way you want your rock stars to act. Nessly's rhymes add a Rap element, broading the appeal of the track. To date, it's the most-streamed song on the record, surpassing the 100K stream mark on Spotify.

FOURPL4Y finds a way to keep listeners' attention. "Sick of You" has an anger about it both lyrically and musical that channels some serious Trent Reznor / NIN energy, but the sound isn't dated. Think a heavier, more pissed off Machine Gun Kelly.

The group has been busy on YouTube, as well, dropping 20 or so videos in the past year! Check them out at They have 3 more videos premiering in the next few weeks. You can keep up with everything FOURPL4Y at releases, merch, and much more. And for God's sake, when you play FOURPL4Y do the music some justice and turn it the fuck up!

Posted on 1/17/24