Fragile Rush

by Vague Pains

Track listing: Orion in Pursuit, Artist's Soul, Locked Away, Feathering Out, Spirit Lines, Made Strong, Stand Apart, The Long Way, Typewriter, Fragile Rush

Fragile Rush is the latest record by Michigan-based artist Vague Pains, slated for a September 29th release. The album follows up the group's October '21 self-titled debut, which was a brighter blend of pop-punk, 80s & 90s alt rock amidst some majestic shoe-gaze tying it altogether. 

Vague Pains is a project led by Michigan-based basement rocker Zachary Lemon, whose debut enlisted the talents of a bevy of musicians who participated remotely (as the pandemic dictated for many). In the two years since, the predominate sound of Vague Pains has intensified its shoe-gaze nature.

You’re the cry of
a child made strong
Flashing eyes unseeing of
The cunning borne of need
Their spirits called me here
And I left you here alone
So your anger need not grow
Blow already landed before you saw it

Keyboards dominate Fragile Rush, creating lush soundscapes and a reverb-rich vibe. The album also has a much more electronic persona than the acoustic instrumentation of its forebears. Think more MGMT meets Survive, and less Coldplay meets Emo. Still ethereal, just getting their via electric power in lieu of good ol' fossil-fueled instruments. 

"Artist's Soul" brings a tidal wave of sound: guitar effects set to 11, washing over the pounding drum track. "Made Strong" drops the intensity a bit, but building into a chorus featuring a searing guitar lead and the strongest vocal performance of the entire album.

The album wraps with the title track, a driving and dreamy booming ode to the intricacies of intimacy. "Their eyes like needles pin you to the ground \ Come lift me from your bed | Where spirits bleed in colors we can’t see."

Fragile Rush drops on September 29th, available on all major streaming outlets including Vague Pains' Spotify and Apple Music profiles. 

Posted on 9/12/23