Give Me Your Heart (Single)

by Blind Uncle Harry

Track listing: Give Me Your Heart

Blind Uncle Harry shocks, surprises and entertains. His YouTube Channel features the video for "Everybody Farts When They Die" and 2002's album Visualize Industrial Collapse includes the tracks "Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over" and "Jesus Is Coming In A Rat Turd." You get the point. He's over the top, once playing a show causing enough jumping in the crowd to destabilize the floor of the room, giving those in the basement below legitimate concern that their ceiling would collapse on top of them.

I love you in the morning
Sunrise in your eyes
It hit me without warning
And now, you are my life

It's his veritable shock-and-awe approach to Folk music which makes his February 17, 2024 single "Give Me Your Heart" all the more surprising. I mean, it's just a love song! No fart jokes, no allusions to actually removing one's blood-pumping organ and handing it over to the next suitor in line. Nuthin' like that. Nah, "Give Me Your Heart" is sugar in a summer's iced tea. The first bloom on a rose bush.

Featuring Blind Uncle Harry himself (aka Chris Doran) on vocals and guitar, Ned Joyner on bass, Ryan Heimlich on keys, Mark Edlin on drums and additional vocals courtesy of Heimlich and Sadie Dainko, the track conveys normal heartfelt emotion through its mid-tempo traditional folk/rock arrangement. I re-read the lyrics several times just to be sure. humorous hand grenades waiting to go off unexpectedly.

It got me to wondering why Blind Uncle Harry wrote and recorded this song. It's not going to turn heads with any over-the-top antics. Listen to it and try to laugh. Spoiler alert: you won't. And maybe that's it. The catch with "Give Me Your Heart" is that we get to see a softer side behind the wall of antics. Maybe there is simply a warm heart behind all the lyrical hot takes. How heartwarming...

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Posted on 2/25/24