God of Wonders (Single)

by Drew Faith

Track listing: God of Wonders

Singing from the soul, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Drew Faith has released his debut single "God of Wonders." A slow, powerful track, it puts on display Faith's genre he's dubbed "Christian Country Faith." 

Faith writes from a place of hope and inspiration, his songs serving as messages to his savior Jesus Christ, written in an effort to connect with others through a shared faith.

God of wonders
God of miracles
God of mercy
God of all that's good
God of kindness
The way and the truth
and the light

Sonically speaking, "God of Wonders" begins with a solemn piano and solo vocal, a country-twanged lilt coming through crystal clear. As the chorus hits, you begin to hear toms, bass guitar, a faint steel guitar joining in to build intensity. By the second verse we've got a backbeat going with a steady tempo, building into the second chorus along with a chorus of angelic voices backing Faith's plaintive calls to God. By the song's peak, you've got multiple vocalists calling and responding, harkening to a choral call-and-response in church.

Drew Faith has got a solid debut here. Clean production, a powerful message, and he sings from the heart. Stylistically he draws from Country & Western and Christian Rock/Pop, crossing over in his own unique manner.

Keep up with Drew, his new releases, and live performance schedule at drewfaithmusic.com.

Posted on 6/23/23