Hard (Single)

by JR Harbidge

Track listing: Hard

Black Country, UK-based artist JR Harbridge is pulling at the heartstrings with his latest single, "Hard." The second single from his forthcoming full-length album Reincarnation Blues, "Hard" hits...well...hard. A devastating loss. A heavy emotional toll. Coping with missing a loved one. Not knowing how to possibly move on.

"Hard" is beautifully instrumented with touching harmony vocals, the melodies offering hope during a tough stretch. Steel guitar adds some country flare and the lyrics hit home, simple yet powerful.

Your alarm keeps reminding me
of your old routine
I can’t bring myself
to change it
I’m up at five fifteen
It’s hard it’s hard it’s hard it’s hard it’s hard

In June of this year, Harbridge released the lead-off single from his upcoming album, for which which the LP is titled. "Reincarnation Blues" is a more plaintive musing from a different perspective of the same situation, but effectively helps process pain through its lyrics and melodies. 

So much of the Americana and Country Music soundscape is born of songs seeped disappointment, sadness, and loss--whether it be love, a loved one, money, or good fortune gone bad. Harbridge captures this struggle with a genuine feel, both conveying his message to the listener while also bringing them into the emotions creating a powerful bond between performer and fan.

Learn more about JR, check out upcoming show dates, stream his entire discography and more at jrharbidge.com.

Posted on 8/11/23