Hennessy (Single)

by Island Spyce

Track listing: Hennessy

"Hennessy" is the debut single from Guyana-born, Maryland-raised Pop/Reggae artist Island Spyce. The song is the first single to drop from her upcoming album entitled The New Girl. The groove, melody and bouncy mood embodies many of the emotions Island Spyce aims to incorporate into her songwriting.

While the bass line dances and the keyboard hits staccato backbeats emulating steel drums, "Hennessy" dives lyrically into relationships--those good, bad and scandalous. The sing-song-y nature of the hook features Island Spyce bending her vocal tone in, out, and all around her lyrical delivery. A Casio-like chord pops in occasionally adding a youthful, retro feel to the backing track.

Her rhyming talents step into the spotlight midway through the track. Impressive delivery, too! Take a moment to Follow Island Spyce on Spotify and Subscribe to her on YouTube. She'll have more songs dropping soon as the release of The New Girl approaches. 

Posted on 3/28/24