I'll Be Gone (Single)

by Mona Augustin

Track listing: I'll Be Gone

A sweet, loving anthem of caring and sharing and reflecting on one's own life. This is what Haitian American artist Mona Augustin has created in his single "I'll Be Gone." It brings to mind Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole's cover of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" through its genuine sentiment, musical simplicity, and a vocal tone that emits trust and reassurance.

First I will be finishing all that I have begun
When I'm done I'll be sharing with those who have nothing

Augustin lives his life filled with caring and sharing, collaborating with the non-profit organization MOZAYIK and giving them 10% of all his music sales. The group works to improve the lives of more than 100 families in Villaj Mozayik, Haiti, who continue to rebuild following the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. When he performs live, part of the show is him playing this 30-minute documentary film that conveys the daily struggles of the residents of Villaj Mozayik, bringing his audiences into their lives, spreading awareness.

As "I'll Be Gone" continues to make waves on charts across the internet, it also earned Best World Beat Song from The Akademia Music Awards. The song has legs and has been running strong since its release on December 6, 2021. You can follow, listen, and learn more about Mona Augustin at monaaugustin.com.

Posted on 5/24/23