In A Room (Single)

by Otis Infrastructure

Track listing: In A Room

Otis Infrastructure's latest single "In A Room" is a wall of spacious spacious, in fact, that this interesting twist on a single includes a partner-song "Out Of A Room." The latter comes at you with a bit more aggression, or at least more distortion. But for the sake of this listen, we'll remain indoors.

The group's not new to any scene, formed originally in College Park, Maryland they garnered a coveted "Artist of the Day" spot on WFUV and have seen airplay on a number of other respected radio stations around the country. But they've also paid their dues onstage, at one point selling out The Bitter End, not an achievement many indie artists can claim. 

But back in the room, the group dazzles with some psychedelic guitar doodles and atmospheric vocal mixing. There's enough attention paid to post-production effects that you know they care--they don't just want to lay down a live show in the studio. But the glitter and adornments of the original tracks are not so much that they detract at all from the job at hand.

"In A Room" rocks. It gazes. It sets a mood and broaches the subject that you should get to know Otis Infrastructure better than you do now. You can get as intimate with them (musically speaking), find out where they'll be playing, and much much more over at

Posted on 12/20/23