In the Key of David

by Millennium Resorts

Track listing: Alpha, Happiness, Obscene, The Big Show, Every Time, Identity Theft, Intermission, Eternal Rest, Lonely Days, Omega

In The Key Of David opens with a rainstorm of synthesizers opening up from the heavens. "Alpha" serves as a palette-cleansing introduction to what Austin-based artist Millennium Resorts has in store for you throughout the rest of the record. By the time "Happiness" kicks in, you're bobbing your entire being along with a funk-infused backbeat dressed up in sounds ranging from 80s Rap-style keyboards to industrial NIN-ish spoken word lyrics.

Millennium Resorts aren't simply keyboard warriors, though. Seven of the ten tracks on the album run 7 minutes or longer, with "Identity Theft" clocking in at a smooth 12:40! These are thoughtfully orchestrated compositions; not simply catchy melodies slapped over beats. We have here a concept album of sorts, complete with its own intermission.

Lyrically, the duo preaches from their electronic pulpit. There is a passionate, urgent message in their songs that matches with the music as you experience In The Key Of David. Sonically, the listener is along for the ride for what hits emotionally as a dramatic thriller limited series; each song its own episode. You feel the plot progress. There is worry, tension, anticipation. 

The relief hits in the form of "Lonely Days" (track 9). The soaring, majestic chord progressions and thunderous drums power you through a sense of resolution after the previous eight songs' plot-twisting turmoil. And then the record concludes with the cathartic cleansing power of "Omega." Piercing guitar and synth features sear your mind as the track hits a frenetic peak midway through, leaving the last four minutes of the song (and album as a whole) as a setting for release and consolation.

The duo can be followed across several media. Listen. Absord. Learn. And enjoy your stay here at Millennium Resorts:

Posted on 3/21/24