Invisible Jest

by Comanche Peak

Track listing: Vagabond, Dusk, Best Laid Plans, Puzzle Juice, Turning Tide, The Long Goodbye

It's interesting what a person's roots can bring out in their creative process and pursuits. For John Anderson, his upbringing in the small Texas town of Granbury--an hour southwest of Dallas/Ft. Worth--has led him to Los Angeles where he writes, records, and produces ambient music under the name Comanche Peak (both a mountain and nuclear power facility located near his hometown).

THE Comanche Peak image by Wayne Moyers
Comanche Peak - Wayne Moyers

But he didn't merely leave his hometown to go off and make some new music. You can hear in the Comanche Peak's compositions a nod to history, to nature, and to the mystery of what lies beyond.

His latest release is a 6-song album entitled Invisible Jest. Released on August 11, 2023, the music is ethereal, mystical, and mysterious. The opposite of something cranked out of a loft in L.A. It's certainly electronic yet thrives with positive, unmistakably organic energy. It's the soundtrack to a vessel floating through space; or just as easily an intense meditation; or a long night's drive down a desert highway. A collection of floating melodies atop subtle backbeats enhanced with synthesizer and an array of tasteful percussion. 

Vocals come and go through the album, softly adding to the sensibility of the compositions and melodic structure. The voice more acts to pique the listeners' interests and emotions with its lyrics than it attempts to tell a story through traditional verses, bridges, and choruses. And visually speaking, the surreal video for "Puzzle Juice" is definitely worth a view!

Comanche Peak effervesces rural influence intrigued by urban communities, yearning for exploration and discovery while also cherishing...home.

Posted on 8/12/23