Just Outside of Town (Vol 1.)

by Cody Bondra

Track listing: Something In The Night, Can't Break Love, In Luck, Worth Your Time, Made With You, Harbor/Every Kinda People (Robert Palmer cover), I'm Alive

This record is BIG. Can't get over the fullness and attention to detail throughout the production. What we're talking about is the latest album from New Hartford, Connecticut native Cody Bondra. On a first listen, despite the record being more alt/pop/rock, there's something about it that hints of Nashville. Turns out Just Outside of Town (Vol. 1) was indeed produced in the Music City by Asher Condit and the fine folks at Kingship Recording--a job really well done! 

Driving into town today I passed your place / But to tell you the truth I didn't even have to go that way / I almost took that left but then I did what's right / It must've been something in the night

At the heart of it, though, is Bondra. This record represents six or so years of writing, recording, learning and living. The album culminates with a song recorded years ago, "I'm Alive." It's a veritable anthem of gratitude. In his own words "It’s a blast to play live...remind[ing] me no matter what I’m going through, the greatest gift is just being here and being able to live."

There's an optimism and positivity found in each track. "Can't Break Love," "Worth Your Time," "Made With You," and the aforementioned "I'm Alive"--collectively, Just Outside of Town is something you can throw on on a rainy day to make things a little bit brighter. Or maybe all is well and you just wanna crank things up a notch. This is your record.

As for the aforementioned Nashville sound, there is a tinge of that to be found. Particularly "Made With You" has the potential to get some crossover Country/Pop airplay. A little more Rock than most Country but a little more Country than your typical Rock. But whichever way you lean, take some time to listen to Just Outside of Town. And while you're at it, check out codybondra.com--he's got all sorts of social platforms for following and a full slate of shows throughout this spring and on into summer all over the Northeast.

Posted on 1/30/24