Ken Kase

by Ken Kase

Track listing: The Big Whatever, Quality Control, Entitled, Cambrian Explosion, Philosophy Machine

Ken Kase's new 5-track eponymously named EP is a pop delight--a collection of bright airy upbeat tracks produced, written, arranged, performed, engineered and mixed by Kase himself. The sound embodies some stylistic resemblance to the alternative pop of the 80s (think: Squeeze, Neil Finn) and early 90s (hints of Matthew Sweet, The Rembrandts).

Ken Kase (the EP) has gained momentum the old fashioned way, gaining airplay on The EP broke out in St. Louis organically, reaching the KDHX NACC chart In August after being programmed by multiple DJs, where the tracks "Entitled" and "Quality Control" were played by rock DJs and "The Big Whatever" received spins from R&B DJs. Previously at KDHX Ken's album Mantovani Boogie Man (released under his project named Corpus Alienum) was named a Top 10 Album of 2021 by DJ LadyJock.

But at the helm of his Ken Kase project, Ken's handling all roles save a handful of special guests. The sound you get is all Ken Kase, through and through. By the age of 18 he'd become proficient on guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, soaking in all manner of elements from the rock, jazz and classical music of his childhood. To boot, he's managed to achieve all of this despite dealing with being legally blind as a result of a rare medical condition.

Check out a video from one of the record's lead-off singles "Quality Control" and learn more about Ken at

Posted on 11/13/23