Let the Wax Drop (Single)

by Monti Korbelle

Track listing: Let the Wax Drop

The Absolute State of the Absolute State is the new album from Pittsburgh-based electronic artist Monti Korbelle, slated for release on February 16, 2024. The lead-off single from the record is the alluring and sensual ode "Let the Wax Drop." According to Korbelle's video for the song, it's dedicated / written about a girl by the name of Dirt. Curious name, to be sure, but the sexual depth within the track tells a tale worthy of a blush from any shy newly found listeners.

You look too fine to catch sleep tonight / Start the fire, capture fire, make it too hot, burn at right spots / Hold the candle let the wax drop, make it safe for the danger to come

This isn't Korbelle's first foray into the exploration of the senses through his music. The Absolute State of the Absolute State will be his fifth album since exploding onto the scene in 2020. While some of his previous releases have leaned more ambient, "Let the Wax Drop" comes at you more viscerally. Passionately. 

It's a safe bet that you can expect similar intensity from the rest of the record. Korbelle considers The Absolute State of the Absolute State a bit of a "creative rebirth" for the sake of the songs' exhibition of new sounds, effects, moods, and an overall energy level ratcheted way the fuck up from its precursors.

Go follow Monti on the mediums of your choosing via lnk.bio/montikorbelle. And keep an eye out for "Let the Wax Drop" dropping on February 16th, with the full-length's eventual arrival on the streaming service of your choosing.

Posted on 1/23/24