Live at Frank Erwin Center (Austin, TX)

by Lady GaGa

Track listing: Act I NYC: 1. Jumping Film, 2. "Dance in the Dark", 3. "Glitter and Grease", 4. "Just Dance", 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich", 6. "The Fame", Act II NYC Subway: 7. Puke Film 8. "LoveGame", 9. "Boys Boys Boys", 10. "Money Honey", 11. "Telephone", 12. "Speechless", 13. "Yoü and I", 14. Twister Film, 15. "So Happy I Could Die", Act III Central Park: 16. Antler Film, 17. "Monster", 18. "Teeth", 19. "Alejandro", 20. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters), 21. "Poker Face", Act IV The Monster Ball: 22. Apocalyptic Film, 23. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi"), Encore: 24. "Bad Romance", 25. Fan Film

NOTE: This review assembled from the interweb transmissions of Wonderbred, Scorpio Rising Producer / Bassist / Onstage Freak of Nature.

God DANG that was a GREAT show! If she really is only 25 yrs old, and has a hand in everything she does—the stage sets, costumes, projections, merch, etc, etc.—she is a straight freekin' genius. Staging, lights, projection, sound, performance, vibe, all on SERIOUS point.

I didn't think she could sing as good as she does. She can bring it. It was way more Rockin' than her recordings sound. Two guitarists playing Les Pauls and Gibson V's pretty heavy through the whole show, some shreddin' here and there.

[my friend] rD sed he heard them at sound check and they were playing Slayer's "Reign in Blood." I'd loved to have seen that! He did say when he heard them playing Slayer, he went into the arena to see what was going on and was told he had to leave immediately.

I was pretty impressed that while during her piano ballad song (don't even know the name of it?) they created a 8 foot tornado of fire on top of the piano. It spun and spun, perfectly controlled. Real fire. How the f*ck???!! I kept waiting for her hairdid to go up in flames. Especially when she stood up on the bench and started playing it with her stiletto heel, all in pitch/tune somehow? Her head got REAL close to the fire tornado!!

35$ official lady gaga sun glasses. T-shirts were $50 and there was 10 or so to pick from. WTF?!!

From our seats, which were about as good as I could imagine, we had a clear view of the sign language interpreter, who wasn't part of the official show, but was slightly spotlighted so as to be seen, so it was part of the show to me. It was crazy to watch signing of stuff like " ga-ga- ga-ga-ga- -gahh... " ...and when she would cuss up a storm, and call everyone motherfuckers, bitches, and talk about weed... as soon as she said something controversial , I'd look and watch them sign it. I just wanted to see if they were censoring. But it didn't look like it. That would be fucked if they were censoring what she was sayin' to the deaf. I wonder what the protocol of all that is? The Signers were INTO it too! IT looked to me like they had learned the words to her songs b4 hand, so it was like a performance, all dramatic and shit.

Instead of a longer intermission between her 2 hours of performance, a curtain would drop after every 3 songs and they would project these Warhol-esqe films for 3-5 mins, the size of the Erwin Center, roof to stage, to give them time to change the stage sets. This one blew me away! Awesome...

Just impressed with the balls to be an act that made $55 million in 2010 and have this play on such a large canvas, and GET AWAY WITH IT!! I was hooked after this vid. So over the top. My Gummo quota filled.



Photo/Artwork by Getty Images for Live Nation

Posted on 4/8/11