Man (Single)

by trespasser

Track listing: Man

"Man" is the new single dropped on April 10 from Brooklyn-based Alt/Indie/Punk outfit, trespasser. The group originally formed during their tenure at Wesleyan University under the moniker Clay Rodgers Band, named for the group's guitarist/vocalist. But as the quintet evolved and developed a more cohesive chemistry, eventually relocating to New York City, a more unified name became more representative of the members' collective contributions.

Yeah, we’re a queer band, so what? Get over it.

With the release of "Man," we hear the growth of the group from its early jam/psych rock creations into a more refined Pop-centric sound. Inspired literally by the streets, sights, and sounds of the city, "Man" signifies a change of inspiration away from the Old West and mountainous terrains and centered more on the socio-ecosphere of city life.

The song itself leads with a flange-tastic guitar intro: spacey, groovy, toe-tapping. Once the rhythm section kicks in, we also gain one Rhodes keyboard dancing along with the bass/drum backbeat. True to the pop genre, "Man" plays things pretty close to the vest arrangement-wise. It's catchy as hell, really. And in lieu of a blistering guitar solo, a delightfully crunchy guitar "lead" (maybe it's more of an onslaught than a true lead) goes pretty fucking ballistic during the last verse. A nice change-up from a more formulaic arrangement.

The refrain "I'm not a man" is a nod to the group's wonderfully open acknowledgement of their own gender identification, with its four queer members (one of whom is trans). "The song itself is supposed to be lighthearted but assertive at the same time, almost as if to say 'Yeah, we’re a queer band, so what? Get over it.' We project a defiant but aloof kind of swagger both in our shows and online, and this song reflects that."

trespasser currently plays the 3rd Wedesday every-other-month at 11th Street Bar in Manhattan. For details on those shows, other gigs and more, follow @trespasser_band on instagram. A collective of links lives at:

Posted on 4/26/24