"Medium True" by Tristan Dolce

Track listing: Alaska, Facts in the Case of M, Digging Too Deep, Reservoir, Willow Springs, Ring Ring, King of the Arroyo, I Went Up

Medium True is the first release of any kind for several years from producer / engineer / singer / songwriter Tristan Dolce, currently slated for release by Camping Songs on January 12, 2024. To date, Tristan has primarily been at the helm in the control room, producing, engineering, and writing for a myriad of artists. With Medium True he turns the tables, taking on the writing as well as laying down his own vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, omnichord, trumpet, and synths.

Impressively, the bulk of Medium True was recorded in a single day at Big Ego Studios on December 23, 2022. Having years under his belt of seeing others' successes, failures, and discoveries in the studio, Tristan essentially knew exactly what he wanted to do.

And what he's done is put together a stellar album of well thought-out, deeply emotional compositions that touch on an array of challenging, difficult human themes. He visits destinations near and far--both of the natural world and those of a psychological nature. 

Tristan's vocal performance is honest and simple. He dazzles with the sincerity in his voice; he's got nothing to hide and everything to share. Touching on tales of homelessness and alcohol, death and paranoia, his stories are a musical book you can't put down. Medium True is that sonic novella you'll share with some friends but not all...because they won't get it. Dolce doesn't attempt to impress with flash and pizzazz. It's his introspection and depth that transfixes you from the first track through the last.

Find out more about Tristan Dolce at tristandolce.com, @tristandolce on Instagram, on linkedin.com, tristandolce.bandcamp.com, Apple Music, and on Spotify.

Check out Coyote Music's Press Release on Medium True for additional details regarding single releases and more. 

Posted on 10/14/23