Moments of Sonder

by She's Excited!

Track listing: Celebrity Parade, All I Need, AloneTogether, Perforated, FOREAL, Weltschmerz, Before, Hello Brain, 当最后两个流浪汉在冬天告别, Year of Sonder, A Mother's Flame

Brooklyn and Munich based Pop/Electronic artist She's Excited! has plenty to be excited about right now. Their latest album Moments of Sonder is out, celebrating the communal vibes that a strong collection of musicians can create and inspire. The record features a number of guest artists including Komputer, Joana Brabo, JanetB, Gene Chaban, Neli Coko, Mike Estabrook, Liuyu Ivy Chen, and Clara Francesca. 

The talented extended cast is appropriate for the overarching theme of the recording, with the "artist behind the curtain" Anne Wichmann describing Moments of Sonder as "a concept album around the phenomenon of ‘sonder,’ an instant realization that every person has a life as complex and complicated as your own."

We can see this through. We can love and respect and protect.
- from "Hello Brain"

Wichmann is known for channeling the spiritual energies of stars including Bowie and Laurie Anderson (you can hear some David-esque quivering vocal delivery in "FOREAL").  But at a more grassroots level, she also creates local immersive experiences aimed at inclusivity of all walks of life among her audience. You can see, touch, and feel the art when you enter into her one of her showcases.

As far as Moments of Sonder, lyrically speaking there is an inherent positivity being manifested throughout one's listening session. She's Excited! explores and delves into the human psyche more from a viewpoint of delight and amusement than anything else. But musically, it's a bit different. "Dark yet sparkling Electronic" are the words in the artist bio, and there's something to that. There's not so much a gloom cast as there is a . . . cloudiness. The record isn't a bright, shiny happy musical foray. It's intense, probing, thoughtful, offering a sort of clarity of sound and body in the absence of a blinding light shining on you.

Moments of Sonder itself is an immersive experience, pulling you in to feel what Anne Wichmann has created. And it's a dazzling experience. It's got beat, syncopation, atmosphere, and thought-provoking statements revealing something new on subsequent listens. Find She's Excited, sign up on their email list, and follow across socials and streaming apps starting your journey at

Posted on 3/21/24