Morning (Sun rise over a city) and The Nature of Love (2 Singles)

by E. Lee

Track listing: Morning (Sun rise over a city) and The Nature of Love

E. Lee is an electronic music artist and self-described "bit of a gypsy" whose compositions create an atmosphere, an entire emotional mood within which you may choose to get lost. His latest releases are a pair of songs released on his YouTube Channel:

We start this review (and coincidentally this day) with E. Lee's "Morning (Sun rise over a city)." A soothing track, no doubt, with a soft rolling drum loop sprinkled with light synth/percussion. Over the backbeat lay pillows of ambient synth/keyboards with just enough rhythm and melody to put a gentle rock into your body. The simple yet deliberate melody line opens the mind to thought: What will your day bring? What challenges may you face that you're emotionally preparing for now as you awaken into full consciousness?

The nature of love is self-abandonment, not clinging to oneself
- Alan Watts

"The Nature of Love" is more obvious with its intent. Its spoken word delivery of Alan Watts' writing propels the song's message through the first half of the track. Backing the voice as it dives into the realm of dreams, love, and self-abandonment is another dazzling E. Lee backing track. It is exists more ethereally and mystically with a pronounced drum loop giving the song a more clearly defined rhythmic rocking than "Morning." 

With more than 1,500 YouTube subscribers, E. Lee has 55 videos online to date. While more views and subscribers is always helpfully to one's music career, Lee is currently pursuing placement in TV and film. Ideally suited for such placement, E. Lee's music is at once catchy and professionally produced yet also organic and rootsy. Check out the entirety of E. Lee's YouTube discography at

Posted on 1/18/24