Never Gone (Single)

by Rene Erickson

Track listing: Never Gone

Silent Street is the new album by guitarist/songwriter Rene Erickson, released on March 3, 2023. A follow-up to their 2006 effort, Riptide, this 11-track release features the lead single "Never Gone."

The beauty of "Never Gone" lies in its simplicity--an arpeggiated chord progression on guitar with harmonics dancing lightly overhead. An additional guitar track offers occasional gentle strums and plucks accentuating what is otherwise an exercise in soothing beauty put to music.

While Riptide was comprised of both instrumentals and songs with accompanying vocals and additional instrumentation, Erickson opted for going entirely instrumental with Silent Street. Not just instrumental, though. Silent Street is an entire guitar-only album. The feel this focus creates approaches more of soundtrack style. The soundtrack not necessarily of a film, but rather the day and time-of-day you hit play and begin your own listening period. With only guitar to hear, the listener is treated to the nuance of the instrument and the details within each track.

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Posted on 3/16/23