One song is all you need…

by Phillip Foxley

Track listing: Demon Lover, Indian Summer, All or Nothing!, Straight From The Heart, Falling for You!, Racing Thru Time, Seize The Day, Time, I Don't Fit In, On The Fly

UK’s Phillip Foxley’s EP, One Song Is All You Need… represents a bit of American blues guitar from the perspective of Conwy, North Wales. Professionally, Phillip is a design engineer; when he isn’t dealing with technological and scientific complexities, he is usually creating original tracks from his home.

After having an epiphany over a couple of drinks with several other musicians, Phillip decided to release a free 6-track demo EP for download, in October 2011. The EP received overall positive reviews following its release, but some feedback touched on the recording quality's deficiencies and lack of professional production. Looking ahead to the full-length release of One Song Is All You Need..., Foxley will be re-working and remastering his existing songs as well as recording three more with vocal tracks.

What is so impressive about Phillip’s creativity on this EP is that he is able to play a wide range of diverse genres—punk, blues, rock, and electric blues. “All Or Nothing!” starts off with punk-like guitar riffs with some heavy metal percussion and a groovy bass line. This intense track shows that he can bring the noise and bring it very loud.

Another track that should be heard is “Racing Thru Time.” While the album contains nine instrumentals, this song features Foxley's dark vocals alongside his echoing guitar riffs, with lyrics centering on a significant someone. His vocal work sounds impressive, with the improved production quality, and if you consider yourself a true blues/rock fan then you’ll be delighted to hear what he has in store.

Foxley is interested in pursuing songwriting opportunities in television and film. If it works out for him, you may hear his riffs and leads in the next big action film. As of right now, he is anticipating 2013 for the release of his debut album, in hopes that he'll start his year off with a bang!

Posted on 12/13/12