Ordinary Love (Single)

by Dream of Orion

Track listing: Ordinary Love

Danceable, energetic, melodic. Dream of Orion's single "Ordinary Love" originally dropped on March 25, 2023 but continues to gain steam. On Spotify, the track has racked up nearly 30,000 streams!

Trying to figure out
Why I feel
This love for you
Need a little time
To get back stronger
What I feel for you is
Ordinary love

The duo hails from Barcelona but they spend a great deal of time in their performance "home" of Prague. The group's shows have extended into the festival circuit, which has been a credit to their online following. On YouTube, their channel has attracted several thousand subscribers and earned hundreds of thousands of views. And their 12K+ followers on Instagram have garnered the duo tens of thousands of Views and Likes.

"Ordinary Love" hits your ears with a mid-tempo dance beat. Its airy vocals sooth the active minded listener. The guitar lick in the song is essentially its 'chorus', an earworm melody that will be with you hours after your last listen. 

The track reminds me of a decades' ago memory, when Sonique released "It Feels So Good" and its follow-up single "Sky." There's a freshness and energy to the music that invigorates and is pleasing to the ear. 

Follow Dream of Orion's new releases and track the group via their social channels at linktr.ee/dreamoforion

Posted on 3/18/24