Our Road To Fear

by St. Jules

Track listing: Let It Burn, Vapora, Made In Heaven, Morning Rain, Our Road To Fear (Instrumental)

I'm going to call it "thick." When you hit play on St. Jules' 2021 EP Our Road To Fear the bass guitar and chunky-as-fuck rhythm guitar surround you like quicksand. The more you listen, the deeper you sink into the band's ominous soundscape. 

Co-Produced by OK Go drummer Dan Konopka, who also handles drums on this record, Our Road To Fear plows through your head like a hard rock dirge. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Julio Saenz sings with reckless abandon. You're not getting autotuned trash here. Saenz just brings it. He sings from the soul, bringing a punk flare to his personalized brand of mood-metal.

"Vapora" is the heaviest hitter on the record. Saenz rips through the solos and you even get a bit of a feature section from Konopka. Gotta love it when a band gives love to the drummer!

The group recorded in two cities--the album was finished in Nashville but it all began where Julio and his brother/co-producer Efren started the St. Jules project: Mexico City. There's something about the sound that personifies its south-of-the-border origins. Our Road To Fear isn't a record forged in the controlled kiln of Suburbia. The passion in tracks like "Made in Heaven" come from a place of truer authenticity. There's a filter of reality that the songs have been steeping in for some time, long before their recording.

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Posted on 3/7/24