Our Troubled Hearts (Single)

by Jason Bradley

Track listing: Our Troubled Hearts

Minneapolis-based Jason Bradley's got something to say in his new single entitled "Our Trouble Hearts." A commentary on the divisiveness we're seeing both within United States' borders and around the world, the track reminds us all that "our troubled hearts beat as one...one for all." 

Now I lay me down, peaceful and unfazed / I opened up my eyes and the whole world's changed / Naked emperors speaking foolishness / And the strange thing is, everybody's buying it.

The former Carpetbomb bassist and member of Fastest Turbo Fire Engine and Trout has stepped out of the lineup of those groups into the spotlight performing under his own moniker. As a first solo step, "Our Trouble Hearts" (both the song and full-length album of the same name) leaves an impressive impression on listeners.

Bradley's got a heartfelt voice. His pleading comes across genuine and trusting. His growl is passionate--that long-held Neil Diamond device that ratchets-up lyrical intensity. The song itself is straight-ahead rock n roll. An anthem of unity in a world seemingly being torn apart. There's just a believable nature in the composition that convinces you that we need to pay attention to the stories Jason Bradley will be sharing throughout this album.

"Our Trouble Hearts" comes at you as a solid sonic blast, driving its melodies headlong into your ears. The chorus' vocal harmonies and double-time beat pouring from the drum kit, contrasted with the the half-time post-solo bridge section, all comes together as a brilliant arrangement to reinforce Bradley's lyrical points. 

Bradley doesn't put forth the funk of Minneapolis' most famous [purple] musical son. Nah...this record isn't funky, sexy, alluring, or overly styled. Instead, Jason Bradley puts forth honesty, vulnerability, and an intense passion infused into his own brand of indie rock. Go follow Jason on Spotify, YouTube, and all the major socials & streaming services and keep up with new release details and more at jasonbradleylive.com.

Posted on 1/21/24