Psalms Symphony

by Peter Jonatan

Track listing: movement 1, movement 2, movement 3, movement 4

Composer Peter Jonatan and the Matropole Orkest of Hilversum, Netherlands have joined together in independently releasing the 4-movement album Psalms Symphony. Given to the world on January 19, 2024, Psalms Symphony is poised to further cement Jonatan's name among the communities of classical and jazz music and musical academia.

Across the album are moments of Hollywood film soundtrack, smokey jazz clubs, gorgeous orchestration--a delightful combination of nostalgia, emotion, and technical precision. Is it Classical? Is it Jazz? The answer is an absolute and unequivocal 'Yes!'

It's the culmination of my musical styles and inspirations, merging classical and jazz with cinematic influence from film and game scoring, gospels and traditional hymns.

Beyond just crossing genres, Psalms Symphony embodies qualities of concept album yet it's also clearly a symphony. Beyond Jonatan's previously released singles, this album takes that next step in his artistic life's passage--diving deep into individual themes within each movement yet carrying a consistent message across the symphony's 40+ minute duration.

What makes Psalms Symphony stand out amongst our era's classical and jazz landscape is the sheer extent to which Jonatan represents his music: full symphonic composing, conducting, demonstrating piano virtuosity. He has set a new standard in contemporary composition for mastering multiple styles and genre, delicately weaving them together in a single work.

Listen. Share. Buy. There is no worry in not being impressed by or being able to find something to treasure among these pieces. Instead, it's really only a matter of how much you will identify with as you take in Psalms Symphony. You'll hear 'blockbuster movie' and 'classic jazz' and moments in the movements that transport you to some of your favorite life memories.

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Posted on 2/10/24