Puzzle (Single)

by Kenny Fame

Track listing: Puzzle

A solemn, poignant tale of struggle and isolation, Kenny Fame's latest single "Puzzle" paints a lonely picture of not fitting in... Into life? Into friend circles? Into society? Maybe all of these things, or maybe left open to the listener's interpretation. We all face a bit of this in our own ways, right?

The instrumentation is sparse and simple, underscoring the lack of the subject's physical belongings: barefoot with inadequate clothing, bereft of friends. A lone guitar joined by a drum loop and bass guitar provide the backing for Kenny's voice, appropriately self-harmonized in the bridge.

"Puzzle" is available as a free download on bandcamp.com and has an accompanying video / musical short that gives a visualization to the sound. Similar to the musical production, the short features lone, solitary characters left to their own device, briefly passing one another toward the end but continuing on in their loneliness.

Posted on 7/10/23