by Recycled Sounds

Track listing: Intro (On My Way Home), Carried Away In 1979, Rotten Apples, R.I.P. Radio Raheem, In A Deeper Thought, Tic Tok (Feat. Prof.), MJ Dank, Something Different, RUOK (Feat. Sativa High), The Industry Song, Swaggin On These Hoes (Feat. Tenny Whyte), Neva Ball'N (Feat. SortaHuman), Runners, Real V.s. Fake (Feat. Michael Prochilo)

Unlike many mainstream hip-hop artists, up-and-coming rapper Robert Davis aka “Recycled Sounds” debuted his album R.U.O.K. on December 12, 2012 and is redefining true hip-hop underground with his detailed storyline lyrics. To truly understand the mindset of his music you must LISTEN to the meaning behind the lyrics. It’s tragic enough to say that Robert Davis was in a shooting incident—one that nearly killed him—on July 18, 2007 in a hospital. Unfortunately his fellow comrade didn’t survive the tragedy, but his spirit lives on through Recycled Sounds' music.

The song “Carried Away in 1979” is the true definition of his deepest thoughts and feelings behind his music. Even though the song sounds dark and ominous it is safe to say that it has nothing depraved about it. Actually it has a positive message of hope and love, with the intent to heal.

Robert attended the REI Audio Recording School where he learned how to develop beats and sounds that we hear in his music. What makes him stand out in the underground game is the fact that the vast majority of artwork and music videos are completely original in concept and execution.

The self-titled track “R.u.o.k.” gives you the best understanding about the struggles of being a true rap artist. He doesn’t try to replicate his lyrics to sound like everyone else in the underground game. He lets you know it has nothing to do with "being" or "rapping" evil, but he likes to show people that you shouldn’t jump to conclusion when you hear his music.

His music has subtlety, truthfulness, struggles, and the importance of being who you genuinely are. Even before releasing his 12/12/12 album R.U.O.K., Robert has been gaining a generous fan base on the East Coast, and it's certain to grow as reviews of the album come in. R.U.O.K. is a must listen to if you are a true underground lover.

Posted on 12/17/12