Redemption (Single)

by Asher Laub

Track listing: Redemption

Of the nearly 700 artists currently on our site, only about 1% of them fall under the Classical genre. I only mention this because with so few of them, I remember each and every one very clearly. In 2013 I interviewed Linzi Stoppard, one half of the amazing violin duo FUSE. Then just a few years ago I wrote a bio for a German electronic music artist Soulflvr, who was busy collaborating with an outstanding artist named Nora Kudrjawizki (aka One Violin Orchestra). 

Fast-forward to today: Asher Laub's latest single "Redemption," released a few weeks ago on December 20th, is looping on my Spotify as I prepare to write this review. Checking out his online presence for some background I land on his Instagram @asherlaub and lo and behold among his followers I see none other than @fuseviolin and @oneviolinorchestra! Knowing firsthand what phenomenal musicians they are, who put on world-class performances that match their musicality, this means something. If they're already keeping up with Asher Laub, then how special is this artist, his music, and live shows?

The answer? Asher Laub is pretty damn special. There's a video out there of a Laub performing a Justin Timberlake track with another violinist in Manhattan and part of his performance is incorporating breakdance moves and choreography into his act while he's playing! So, yes, check out Asher Laub.

But what about this song "Redemption"? A slow groove with orchestral synths and tastefully produced drum and percussion tracks. It's a soundtrack just waiting for the right TV or film licensing. The song tells a story, quite literally.

Laub himself explains, "The song begins with a serene scene of a couple sailing on a river under the moonlight, enjoying their love and peace. But soon, the river turns into a raging torrent that sweeps them away to a mysterious and hostile land." The tale continues as the couple fights for their lives, facing death-defying challenges, but never giving up. Only through perseverance and faith do they eventually reach their homeland again, safe and sound.

"Redemption" features not only Laub's technical chops but also his intense musicality and ability to write compelling melodies. All evidence of his violin study that began at age 2, taking him around the world performing on stages that include his hometown's premiere venues Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. 

Check out "Redemption" and follow Asher Laub across most social media platforms and streaming services. You can find all that, sign up on his email list and more at

Posted on 1/25/24