Shades of Green

by Adam Harbison

Track listing: Shame, Shame, Shame, Humble Pie, Illusion of Love, Like Honey, What Could've Been, Replay, Spending Time With You, My Love Letter Goodbye, Knoxville Violets (Shade of Green), When That Train Leaves the Station

Hot off the presses, St. Louis based Country/Western artist Adam Harbison just released his debut album, Shades of Green. With a Texan-twang that channels George Strait and a group of musicians the Ace in the Hole Band would tip their hat to, Harbison's got something to be proud of. The lead-off single, "Humble Pie," released on April 8th, already has nearly 12,000 streams on Spotify

Shades of Green's got a lot going for it. It's stylistically diverse but not at all scattered. There's a focus, a method to the musical madness. Tracks like "Humble Pie" take on a more bold Mavericks-like sound, while "Like Honey" is a more patient, Lovett-like plaintive tale. It's got some sweeter ballads and then you run across the semi-title track "Knoxville Violets (Shade of Green)" which has a rocked up sharper edge to it.

It's Harbison's rich baritone vocal that ties everything neatly together, though. You trust his voice. You believe the heartache and wisdom in his lyrics. And you've got a new album by a new artist that'll fit it nicely and hold its own on your favorite Country Music playlists. Go ahead and give it a shot--see how Adam Harbison stands up between Haggard & Willie or Garth & Clint Black. While he's got a ways to go before reaching those heights, you're not gonna notice a dropoff when you hit 'Shuffle' and let 'er go.

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Posted on 6/20/23