by Rob Ingram

Track listing: Main Vein, The Medicine, Panorama, Love Empire

There is so much sound pouring from my speakers that I'm certain I've accidentally opened 10 browser tabs of musical content set to autoplay. What the hell is even happening? I quickly determine this is not the case, but the wall of sound persists. Clicking back to Spotify, I confirm that I'm listening to "Main Vein," the latest single from Rob Ingram's forthcoming album shükwokE.

So what is this? Self-describing this sound, Ingram cites the genres of funk, rock, experimental, jazz, progressive, acoustic, and electric. But what artist is all of these things. Zappa, sure. But who in 2024? Rob Ingram, that's who.

a glow more constant than my gaze / the zephyr sighs, the fabric frays / the witches brew, the cauldron stirs
they say make do and I dream of cures / you have hit the main vein / you perturbed the mainframe

shükwokE is a cacophony. Nah, more of a roux. A gumbo? Maybe smorgasbord is most accurate. Then I catch the liner note: "Preview to soon-to-come release with full orchestra." Of course he's going to arrange these songs for a full orchestra.

The album currently consists of 4 singles: "Main Vein," "The Medicine," "Panorama," and "Love Empire." They run right around 9, 7, 8, and 5 minutes in length, respectively. And calling them "songs" isn't quite adequate. These tracks are sonic explorations. Adventures, if you will. Epic journeys. Ingram's got to have some influence from King Crimson and the aforementioned every-genre-master, Frank Zappa.

The musicianship displayed throughout shükwokE is phenomenal. The arrangements are mind-boggling. And the production, once you get past the moments of true cacophony, is nothing short of masterful. There are choirs-worth of vocal tracks, intricate odd harmonies, instruments galore. Just how many people are on this damn record, anyway?! For the sake of giving credit where it's due, here are those appearing on the February 9, 2024 single, "Main Vein":

Rob Ingram - bass, guitars, ukelele, lead vocals, midi orchestra composition
Marco Cirigliano -
Danny Murphy -
Max D'Amico -
organ solo
Greg Woodsbie-
jazz piano
Alex Vine -
backup vocals
Jaesic Wade -
backup vocals
Ragechill Jamboree Kroftington -
backup vocals
Maury Rosenberg -

There exists enough within each track to write a small dissertation. A treatise on Ingram's musical influences would be a compelling read. Suffice it to say that Ingram isn't shitting you by listing that long list of genres. And really, that just scratches the surface. shükwokE is for jazz and fusion fans. Certainly prog fans will have a field day with this record. And if you're up for 30-minutes of intense music appreciation, this record is for you.

Take a moment to follow Rob Ingram on and/or Ingram's Spotify profile to keep up with additional single releases from shükwokE. And take some time to explore the myriad of other albums and singles comprising Rob Ingram's discography.

Posted on 2/28/24