Sirens (Single)

by Face Yourself

Track listing: Sirens

When it comes to deathcore, the more brutal the better. Brutal vocals. Brutal lyrics. Punishing drums. Diabolical guitar and bass work. So when it comes "Sirens," the latest single by the tri-state based deathcore group Face Yourself, the song rivals the most brutal sounds I've ever heard.

Lead vocalist Yasmine Liverneaux Belkhodja's guttural shrieks are without equal, as far as I'm concerned. Drummer Eric DiCarlo drops blast beats followed by quarter-time demonic, slow, dirge-like cadences. The rhythm guitar work of Thomas Cardone and Corey Doremus are crushing. Dave Ricco's leads blister. And only God and Satan know how deep and dark Kyle Muenzner bass goes to lay the song's foundation.

"Sirens" is as horrifying as it is inspiring. Check the "Sirens" video, particularly Belkhodja's shrill screams around the 1:20 mark and Ricco's sweeping fretwork around 2:40. Absolutely lethal!

Amidst a genre where everyone attempts to outdo one another by creating the heaviest, loudest, darkest of sounds, Face Yourself sets a new standard. They exploded onto the scene in March 2023 with an eponymous EP but immediately cranked out a follow-up with Death Reflections in June. Dive deep into the depths of both records and follow the group across all social mediums:

Posted on 12/5/23